Let’s Create Mindful and Resilient Schools

We work with educators, schools, and districts to build inclusive, trauma-sensitive, equitable learning environments so that students and educators can thrive.

Watch how the impact of Mindful Schools programming looks and feels.

Elementary students and educators share how mindfulness can impact daily life:

“If everyone in the world practiced mindfulness, it would be more peaceful.” – Ella Mei, 5th Grader

“When I do mindfulness, I feel calm and I have confidence.” – Ahmed, 4th Grader

“Mindfulness has helped me be more present for parents and students and acknowledging teachers’ needs.” – Carrie, Principal

Try the Take Five Classroom Activity

In the video, did you notice students slowly tracing their fingertips? Students were practicing a Take Five activity with their teachers. Take Five can be a simple, yet powerful exercise to insert a much-needed mindful pause during the school day. Watch a demo of Take Five and print instructions for your classroom. You can also try starting a meeting with Take Five!

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