Fight, Flight, and Mindfulness

In times of overwhelm, our brain naturally triggers physical fight-or-flight responses. Try 3 tips to respond with mindfulness.

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Mindful educators feel more calm, effective, and creative. Learn the science of mindfulness and start your practice in this introductory course.

ONLINE: K-12 Mindfulness Curriculum

In this 6-week training, learn strategies to integrate mindfulness into your classroom using our research-backed curriculum. Begins April 16.

3 Mindful Practices for Uncertain Times

In the face of school closures and rising anxiety, here are 3 mindful practices for riding the waves of this challenging time.

ONLINE: Mindfulness Class for Kids!

For the next couple of weeks, Mindful Schools will be offering online classes for kids! Join us for mindful activities, movement, and more!

40% OFF: Supporting Schools, Now

To support schools during this time, Mindful Schools is offering courses at 40% OFF for large groups. Learn more.

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Educators, Start Your Journey

Children reflect the nervous systems of adults around them. To create a mindful environment, first focus on your own experience in our Mindfulness Fundamentals course.

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Building on your mindful foundation, access K-12 curriculum and learn strategies to teach mindfulness skills to your students in our Mindful Educator Essentials course.

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Expand your impact as a leader in your school and wider community. Invest in continued professional development to create new possibilities for growth and positive change.

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