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Children reflect the nervous systems of adults around them. To create a mindful environment, first focus on your own experience in Mindfulness Fundamentals.


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Building on your mindful foundation, access our K-12 curriculum and learn strategies to teach mindfulness skills to your students in Mindful Educator Essentials.


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Many educators take our courses in groups so that they can bring mindfulness to their schools and support their own learning. We offer group rates to support this practice.

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Watch the Documentary:<br><em>Room to Breathe</em>

Watch the Documentary:
Room to Breathe

From <em>The Atlantic</em>:<br><em>When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom</em>

From The Atlantic:
When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom

Watch the Film Short:<br><em>Just Breathe</em>

Watch the Film Short:
Just Breathe

The Science of Mindfulness:<br><em>Learn about the Research</em>

The Science of Mindfulness:
Learn about the Research

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