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Jan 29: New Year Half-Day Retreat

Ring in the New Year with a rejuvenating half-day retreat with the Mindful Schools community. Join us virtually for mindfulness practice, skill-building, community, and connection. Learn more.

Mindfulness: An Antidote to Stress, Trauma

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California’s first-ever surgeon general, speaks about prescribing mindfulness as part of her clinical practice in a recent interview. Read now.

Feb 2: LIVE Mindfulness Practice

Opening our hearts can feel daunting when we want to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Join us for storytelling and a trauma-sensitive, guided practice to open up to the beauty of love. RSVP now.

101: Mindfulness Foundations

Explore the science of mindfulness and simple yet powerful strategies to manage stress and burnout, and build resilience. Start:

201: Mindfulness in the Classroom

Access the new Mindful Schools -12 Curriculum and Teaching Kit. Learn trauma-sensitive strategies to nurture social-emotional well-being in your classroom. Start:

Mindful Communication

Educators, cultivate trust, cooperation, and collaboration using tools and insights of mindfulness practice, Nonviolent Communication, and the science of nervous system regulation.
Next Session Begins: February 10

How to Build Connection and Inclusion

What does it look like to build community, foster connection, and be inclusive in a way that models it for your students? Listen to our recent talk and guided mindfulness practice.

What is Mindfulness and SEL?

What is the difference between mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL)? And which approach is the best fit for your school? Dive into a familiar classroom scenario to find out.

Bring Mindfulness to Your School

Cultivate positive, inclusive learning environments. Mindful Schools programs are easy to implement and enhance existing SEL and mental health initiatives. Learn how we can support your school.

Educators, Start Your Journey

Get started with the science of mindfulness and learn simple yet powerful strategies to bring mindfulness into daily life to heal from stress, connect with inner strengths, and develop resilience and inspiration.

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Access the NEW K-12 Mindful Schools Curriculum and complete Teaching Kit. Integrate culturally-sustaining and trauma-sensitive practices to nurture student engagement, well-being, and social-emotional development.

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Build an inclusive, joyful, and equitable school-wide culture that supports all community members to develop the skills and agency to realize their unique potential.

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Join Our Community

We partner with schools and districts from across the U.S. to develop their capacity to create systems and cultures that support the well-being of their educators, students, and families. Learn more about partnering with Mindful Schools or connect with our online community of mindful educators.

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