Practice with Mindful Schools

At Mindful Schools, mindfulness practice is at the heart of everything we do.

We know that coming back to the present moment, again and again, improves our sense of well-being, the quality of our relationships, and the depth of our presence in the classroom and beyond.

Explore (click) the resources below for inspiration and practice with us!

Monthly live gathering

Weekly invitations to reflect

Inspiration for your daily practice

A day dedicated to mindfulness practice

Mindful Schools Community Practice

Monthly live gathering

Mindful Schools holds this monthly community space to gather together for support and inspiration.

On the first Wednesday of every month from 4:00–4:30pm PT | 7:00–7:30pm ET, join us on zoom for a short talk and mindfulness practice guided by a Mindful Schools faculty member. This practice is offered at no cost to attendees thanks to the support of the Trust for the Meditation Process.

Upcoming Practices:

April 3: Guided by Tanya Farmer

Lovingkindness practice helps us cultivate compassion and kindness. Join us in this Community Practice as we extend these kind and loving intentions to ourselves and others.

May 1: Guided by Fontashia Johnson

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This is a free, monthly space to join. We’ll email you a reminder and zoom link on the day of each practice.

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Community Practice Recordings:

Deep Rest with Tanya Farmer

Grounding in Your Space with Raúl Betancourt

Letting Go with Kelli Love-Yuan

Mindful Movement with Nathalie Monin Voelker

Letting it Fall Apart with Lucy Mac Gregor

Mindfulness in Community with Jelena Popovic

A Mindful Toybox with April Frazier

Forgiveness with Fontashia Johnson

A Mindful Pause with Devon Sangster Rath

Mindful Monday

Weekly inspiration in your inbox

This school year, Mindful Schools will send a gift of inspiration to your inbox. A reflection, a quote, a note––let us welcome you into your week.

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Mindful Moments

Inspiration for your daily practice

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life through mindful moments.

We know how busy you are, so in addition to our more formal community practice, we’re happy to offer ideas to take small opportunities throughout your day to be present for life. Bookmark and visit this Mindful Schools page anytime you need inspiration or a guided mindful moment.

Mindful Moments: Mindfulness of Sound

2-minute practice with Mia

5-minute practice with Tanya

8-minute practice with Argos

Mindful Moments: Mindfulness of Sight

2-minute practice with Lucy

5-minute practice with Jelena

9-minute practice with Devon

Mindful Moments: Mindfulness of the Body

2-minute practice with Dia

5-minute practice with Nathalie

9-minute practice with Fontashia

Mindful Moments: Mindfulness of Breath

2-minute practice with Alan

5-minute practice with Sarah

9-minute practice with Neena

Mindful Moments: Gratitude and Movement

6-minute practice with Neena

5-minute practice with Laura

“I didn’t think in a million years something like this could make such an impact on my life. I had no idea with all I’m going through that there could be something so simple to bring me the peace and tranquility I’ve been searching for.” 

101: Mindfulness Foundations course participant

Mindfulness Retreat

A day dedicated to practice, community, and connection

Mindful Schools retreats offer a powerful opportunity to expand and deepen personal practice through more dedicated periods of guided practice.

Join us for a day dedicated to mindfulness practice, community, and connection to strengthen your inner resilience and gain inspiration alongside like-minded educators.

Together, we explore and cultivate a range of mindfulness strategies that support well-being in the classroom and beyond.

“After my first training, I began to see positive changes: less stress, being more present in the moment, and I have become more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and interactions. I am a better person, a better teacher, and a better colleague.”

101: Mindfulness Foundations course participant

Now is the moment for mindfulness

Give the gift of mindfulness to support social and emotional well-being in schools

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