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Mindful Schools Monthly Live Practice

Our Mindful Schools Monthly Live Practice is hosted on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm–4:30pm PT / 7:00pm–7:30pm ET. Sign up above to receive Zoom call-in instructions.

February 2, 2022: The Gift of the Heart: Opening up to Fearless Love

Opening our hearts can feel daunting when we want to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Join us for heartfelt storytelling and a trauma-sensitive, guided practice to open up to the beauty of love. RSVP above.

Past Recordings:
Mindful Schools Monthly Live Practice

January 5, 2022: Mindful New Year: Connecting with the Good––in Practice and in Life

Listen to “Mindful Schools Community Practice” on Spreaker.

The promise of a fresh start brings the opportunity to realign with our intentions. Join our community of mindful educators to connect with the good in practice and in life.

December 1, 2021: Cultivating Gratitude and Purpose

Listen to “December LIVE Practice: Cultivating Gratitude and Purpose” on Spreaker.

In this holiday practice, we foster gratitude and align with our deepest intentions to prepare for the new year.

November 3, 2021: Working with the Difficult, Savoring the Pleasant

Listen to “November 2021: Working with Difficulty, Savoring the Pleasant” on Spreaker.

Listen to this guided mindfulness practice and exploration of how to cultivate agency and equanimity when navigating through challenge and uncertainty.

October 6, 2021: Building Community Through Connection and Inclusion

Listen to “Building Community Through Connection and Inclusion” on Spreaker.

Listen to this guided mindfulness practice and exploration of how to build community through connection, inclusion, and embodied awareness.

September 1, 2021: Embodiment

Listen to “Embodiment” on Spreaker.

Let your whole, authentic self shine in your interactions with young people by tuning in and attending to your nervous system. In this session, we will share practices to help you connect with your inner potential and build connection in your classroom.

August 4, 2021: Back to School with Passion, Presence, and Purpose

Listen to “Back to School with Passion, Presence, and Purpose” on Spreaker.

As we prepare to return to back to school, gain inspiration, connection, and support through this discussion and guided practice. Find more Back to School resources here!

July 7, 2021: Savoring Summer

Listen to “Savoring Summer” on Spreaker.

Savoring Summer: Before our minds wander to planning the next school year, let’s cherish the special moments of summer and practice opening our hearts to joy.

June 2, 2021: Pride and Possibility

Listen to “Pride and Possibility” on Spreaker.

Pride Month helps us to see the possibility of a world where we can live into the fullness of our identities. While we each make choices about how we express ourselves, we can always return to our feeling of inner wholeness to support a sense of freedom. We hope you enjoy this special practice for our LGBTQIA+ Educators and Allies.

May 5, 2021: Collective Resilience

Listen to “Collective Resilience” on Spreaker.

For many of us, the pandemic has revealed our interdependence and desire for connection. In this community practice, we take time to cultivate our “Collective Resilience” and honor the dedication and service of educators as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Mindfulness guide, April Frazier, also reads a compelling passage from Resmaa Menakem’s “My Grandmother’s Hands.”

April 7, 2021: Letting Go

Listen to “April 2021: Letting Go” on Spreaker.

The past year has had a profound impact on our lives. As we prepare to reopen our classrooms and emerge from quarantine, it marks another transition. While we might wish for things to just go back to normal, our reality is that our lives may never be quite the same. In this practice, we take a moment to acknowledge the flurry of changes and practice letting go.

March 3, 2021

Listen to “March 2021: Finding Ourselves Through Awareness” on Spreaker.

February 4, 2021

Listen to “February Community Practice” on Spreaker.

January 6, 2021

Listen to “January 2021: New Year Practice and Historic Day in the U.S.” on Spreaker.

December 2, 2020

Listen to “December 2020: Cultivating Gratitude Practice” on Spreaker.

November 4, 2020: Post-Election Community Event

In this extended 1-hour community event, together we practice, connect, and support each other during an intense moment in history. 

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