Mindful Schools Certified Instructor Directory

Educators trained by Mindful Schools are part of a growing movement to bring mindfulness into schools across the country and around the world.

For a decade, our Mindful Teacher Certification Program (MTCP)––a transformational experience, which included residential retreats and a year of intensive study––changed the lives of hundreds of educators who worked to improve the well-being of their school communities. While our team made the decision to sunset the existing configuration of the Mindful Teacher Certification Program in 2022, we are grateful for our MTCP graduates for their commitment to personal and professional growth, their contributions to the evolution of our programs, and for the impact they are having in their communities.

View our Directory of certified graduates of our MTCP program below. Certified Instructors have completed a minimum of 300 hours of training, completed a teaching evaluation with Mindful Schools, and have made a significant commitment to the theory and practice of mindfulness in education.

Certified Instructor Directory


View the Mindful Schools Directory of certified MTCP graduates who have trained with the revised Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum, which underwent significant and critical updates in 2020. The revisions to the curriculum and training bring focus to culturally sustaining, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive instruction.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion

In 2021, our team made the decision to sunset the existing configuration of the Mindful Teacher Certification Program and transition to offering its content in new, accessible formats that better meet the needs of schools. Our goal is to reach and serve communities that are under-resourced and most impacted by stress and trauma. We want to ensure that everyone at the school––from teachers to front office staff to security guards––can access the benefits of this program, as we believe that collective awareness and well-being is the key to creating joyful and equitable school communities that support every member to thrive.

In the evaluation of MTCP, our key questions included:

  • How do we provide greater access to mindfulness and our high-quality programming at a time when the world needs us the most? 
  • How are we serving under-resourced communities most impacted by systems of oppression and trauma?
  • How does our program directly build the capacity of school communities to integrate mindfulness in ways that create lasting shifts in school culture?

Building Healthy, Thriving School Communities

With the sunset of MTCP, Mindful Schools is expanding our school-wide mindfulness partnerships. Our organization is currently working with school teams from across the U.S. to create whole school culture change. We are integrating content from MTCP and continue to test and refine new delivery methods for our programs, including consultation services, retreats, and course delivery. To view our most up-to-date information for school partnerships, please visit our School Support page.

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