The Urgency of *Right Now*

There are so many other things that we could be doing right now. Maybe notice, as you sit down to read this, if there are other things that you feel like you should be doing. Listen to this guided practice on: working with urgency.

3 Mindful Ways to Start a Meeting

Learn three mindful ways to start a meeting and listen to a personal story about the simple, yet powerful ways that meetings can impact both self-care and community care.

10 Mindful Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for fresh activities for your kids this summer? Try this list of 10 Mindful Summer Activities for Kids. Try the "Popsicle Challenge" or the "Sky Study" and let us know what you and your kids notice.

5 Simple Mindful Movements for Your Classroom

Watch and learn mindful movements and games for your classroom. (Adults love them too.) After a long day of sitting still in classes, help students get back in their bodies and ready to learn––and have a little fun.

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