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Join us for a dynamic 90-minute training, where you’ll gain actionable strategies to elevate both your teaching and your students’ well-being. Immerse yourself in an experiential session, bridging theory and practice, as we explore the art of integrating mindfulness into instructional strategies.

The Mindful Schools faculty are experienced teachers themselves. Join us to learn with them through real-world scenarios, applications, and firsthand experiences!

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Mindful Schools Workshops:

Wed, Sep 20, 2023

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Wed, Oct 11, 2023

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Wed, Feb 28, 2024

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Wed, Apr 24, 2024

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Workshop Registration

April 24, 2024

Registration Deadline: Apri 23 at 11:59PM PT

Workshop: Mindful Games for your Classroom

Infuse play into mindfulness to cultivate connection and foster a collaborative class culture.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
1PM–2:30PM PT | 4PM–5:30PM ET
with April Frazier, Jelena Popovic, and Raúl Betancourt

Explore ways to infuse play into mindfulness practices to connect to students, build community, and make mindfulness more enjoyable for everyone. This is an invitation to experience mindfulness through play to evoke curiosity, spark creativity, foster engagement, and support learning.

This workshop will include activities and games for students from pre-K through high school, and will be led by our team with diverse experience across all age groups!

Join us for this dynamic 90-minute training, where you’ll gain actionable strategies to elevate both your teaching and your students’ well-being. Immerse yourself in an experiential session, bridging theory and practice, as we explore the art of integrating mindfulness into instructional strategies.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn fun games and activities that cultivate authentic relationships and foster collaborative class culture
  • Discover how play can be another entry point when students may be resistant to practicing mindfulness
  • Explore how to infuse play into your personal mindfulness practice

Our faculty are experienced teachers themselves. Join us to learn with them through real-world scenarios, applications, and firsthand experiences.

Recording: All registrants receive a recording one week after the workshop. The recording expires 90 days after the workshop.

Respected Credentials: Earn a Certificate of Attendance from a recognized training organization. Mindful Schools provides a certificate for attendees who meet the criteria, see FAQs.

Workshop Registration

Registration Deadline: April 23 at 11:59PM PT

Registration Cost: $125

This program is offered with sliding scale options in an effort to create access for as many educators as possible. We depend on you to select the option that most closely represents your financial capacity. Our intention is to uphold this sliding scaled option for as long as it is sustainable. We thank you for your thoughtful selection. $125 suggested tuition for families making over $75,000 a year.

Meet the Mindful Schools faculty guiding this workshop:

April Frazier (she/her)

April has served as a middle school teacher at an under-served school in the South Bronx. She considers herself a lifelong learner of mindfulness and yoga as a tool for self-empowerment and social justice in diverse, resilient communities. In 2010, she completed her 200-hr teacher certification through Dharma Yoga certification and has since held space for yoga in under-performing schools, trauma centers, and addiction centers to cultivate inner healing. April has also been certified in laughter yoga, yoga for 12 step recovery, off the mat and into the world, restorative justice, and various trauma-informed and mindfulness in-schools programs. These days, her main mindfulness practice is being a foster mom.

Jelena Popovic (she/her)

Jelena is a school psychologist by training and a peacebuilder by heart. As a mom and Teaching Peace in Schools Leadership Council Lead for The Peace Alliance, Jelena aspires to educate, advocate, and mobilize others in co-creating a culture of peace. Her passion is facilitating dialogs that are grounded in mindful awareness and empathy. Jelena spends most of her time in circle with educators and students, is a facilitation trainer for Soliya and Erasmus + Virtual Exchange where she guides others in facilitating virtual cross-cultural exchange dialogs. She serves on the advisory board for Cities4Peace, facilitates virtual circles for Millennium Forum and the Peace of Mind, and hosts weekly Hope Story Circle podcast series for the Peace Alliance. She guides mindfulness retreats for educators at the Copper Beech Institute, leads international At Home In the World family retreats, and is co-founder of Design to Connect LLC, an educational consulting organization, that assists schools in their efforts in skillful, integrated and sustainable schoolwide implementation of mindfulness and peace education practices.

Raúl K. Betancourt (he/him)

Raúl is an educator and mindfulness practitioner with 25 years of experience teaching science to middle and high school students. As a teacher, Raúl found that his meditation practice helped him navigate the stress of school, and he began sharing mindfulness tools with students and colleagues. Motivated by the impact he saw on those around him, Raúl increased his focus on mindfulness education in schools, becoming a teacher for the teen group at East Bay Meditation Center and a mentor for iBme teen mindfulness retreats. Raúl began his own mindfulness practice as a teenager, learning from monastics at the International Buddhist Meditation Center in Los Angeles. He then went on to study Zen at centers in the US, Japan, and recently in Hawai’i at Chozen-Ji Zen Dojo, where he was a live-in student at the start of the pandemic and continued to study since then. Raúl’s years of training have focused on integrating mindfulness into daily life, and he’s passionate about sharing these valuable tools with students and teachers.

Why Workshops for Educators?

In our 101 and 201 courses, educators learn that mindfulness practice and facilitation skills are not something that we “achieve” and then check off as complete. We are in an ongoing process of learning and investigation into ourselves, our experience, and the experience of the students we work with. Workshops provide ongoing opportunities to build competencies in the Mindful Schools Domains of Mindful Teaching framework (see pg 4), supporting educators to create mindful learning environments that nurture curiosity and compassion.


Mindful Schools courses and training programs are designed by educators, for educators, with educators.

Workshops are developed and guided by the Mindful Schools faculty. Our team of classroom teachers, administrators, and implementation specialists draws from lived experiences and expertise in classrooms, schools, districts, and a wide variety of educational settings. You can learn more about our Program Facilitators on our “Meet Our Team” page.

Educator voices from workshops:

Workshops FAQs

How do I join the live event? When you register, you will receive an email with call-in instructions to join the zoom room as well as a 1-hour reminder on the day of the event.

What if I can’t make the live event? If you’re unable to attend the live event, you may still register to access the event recording. The recording will be sent one week after the event. The recording expires 90 days after the event.

Who is this workshop for? Do I need a certain level of mindfulness experience to participate? Our workshops are appropriate for all levels of experience. Mindful Schools programs are designed for educators, counselors, parents, and a wide range of school community members who are excited to share mindfulness with young people. While there is no prerequisite for registration, we encourage workshop participants to take our 101: Mindfulness Foundations course so you may participate with a shared understanding of the Mindful Schools framework of secular mindfulness.

Cancellations: In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. Refunds will not be granted after this time. If you need to cancel and request a refund, please contact support@mindfulschools.org.

Certificate of Attendance:
To be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance, participants are required to:

  • Register and pay for the workshop by the registration deadline (published on the event page)
  • Attend in full. Attendance will be verified if you complete the following:
    • Join the workshop, by web browser or Zoom App (not dialing in by phone) within the first 10-minutes of the start of the workshop.  
    • Join the workshop using the same email as used to register.
    • Stay logged-in, and engaged, for the duration of the workshop.
  • Complete the event survey within 1 week of receiving the link to access the survey. The survey link will be emailed on the day of the event.

Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to those who complete the attendance requirements and submit the survey within the stated time frame. Certificates will be emailed 2 weeks after the event.

Important Notes:

  • Certificates are available only for those who complete the attendance and survey requirements, without exception. 
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure adequate internet reliability and bandwidth. 
  • Incomplete attendance nullifies eligibility for the certificate. Attendance is considered incomplete if the participant joins more than 10 minutes after the start time, has gaps in attendance, or leaves early. We are unable to give partial credit for incomplete attendance. 
  • There is a $20 fee to reissue certificates, and certificates are available only if the attendance and survey requirements were met.

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