Start Building Your Schoolwide Mindfulness Program

301: School Implementation Clinic

About This Course

In 301: School Implementation Clinic, you’ll learn how to support your school in building a whole-school mindfulness program – to create a culture of greater awareness, resilience, and kindness.

As a mindfulness champion, lead, or coordinator within your school, you’ll learn how to begin facilitating peer learning, implement evaluation tools, and access resources and strategies to align stakeholders.

Most importantly, we know that programmatic and cultural change is a process – it takes time. That’s why this course gives you access to six monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with a Mindful Schools Coach to get support along the way.

Course Outcomes

  • Design a schoolwide mindfulness program, specific to your unique school context
  • Access tools and strategies to communicate with stakeholders: parents, staff, and administration
  • Learn different modalities to facilitate peer learning
  • Use evaluation kits for program assessment
  • Get monthly LIVE support on how to respond to issues that arise

LIVE Coaching Calls

Once you register, you have access to six monthly LIVE Coaching Calls, which are held on the third Thursday of the month, 4:00pm–5:00pm PST. Upcoming dates:

  • April 15, 4:00pm PT
  • May 20, 4:00pm PT
  • June 17, 4:00pm PT
  • July 15, 4:00pm PT
  • August 18, 4:00pm PT
  • September 16, 4:00pm PT

Continue Your Journey

Next LIVE Coaching Call:
May 20

COURSE COST:  $595  $495

Why Schoolwide Implementation?

Mindful Schools designed this training in response to significant positive feedback and requests for guidance to establish and grow mindfulness programs:

I love teaching mindfulness in my classroom. Other teachers are really starting to notice and often ask me to demonstrate or teach in their classrooms as well. I think my school is ready to explore what a schoolwide mindfulness program might look like.

I’ve enjoyed the first two Mindful Schools courses! Teaching mindfulness is going well and my principal recently asked me to research how to start a schoolwide mindfulness program.

What are the next steps? Where do I get started?

We believe that the most sustainable and successful programs are those that are propelled by educators who are already embedded in schools and understand the unique conditions of the communities they serve. 301: School Implementation Clinic provides frameworks so you can create an approach that will work for the specific needs of your school. Start building your mindfulness program, now.

What You’ll Learn

Module 1


  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Communicating with Stakeholders, Staff and Parents
  • Feedback, Evaluations and Data

Module 2

Assessing and Building School Readiness

  • Introduction to Conditions for School Readiness
  • Inventory of Components for School Readiness Assessment
  • Mindfulness in Connection to other Schoolwide Initiatives

Module 3

Assessing and Building Administrative Support

  • The Mind of the Administrator
  • How to Talk to Administrators about the Value of a Mindfulness Program 
  • Community Tips for Getting Administrative Support

Module 4

Facilitating the Learning of Peers

  • Introduction to Facilitating the Learning of Peers
  • How Facilitation Differs from Teaching
  • Modalities for Getting Started
  • Importance of Mindfulness for Non-Teaching Staff

Module 5

Resources & Concluding Steps

  • Guided Mindfulness Practice
  • Access Instructions for LIVE Coaching Calls
  • Final Completion Steps

Continue Your Journey

Next LIVE Coaching Call:
May 20

COURSE COST:  $595  $495

Course Materials and Support

  • 6 Hours of online, on-demand training. Includes instructional videos, resources, templates, and toolkits.
  • 6 LIVE Coaching Calls to ask specific questions about building your program and get feedback from your Mindful Schools coach and peers.
  • Guided Journal exercises for planning, reflection, and growth.


Upon completing this training, educators may apply for and receive graduate level credits. Details.


Completion of 101: Mindfulness Foundations and 201: Mindfulness in the Classroom.

This is the third course in the path toward building a “mindful school.” This course is designed for educators who have an established mindfulness practice and experience teaching the Mindful Schools K12 Curriculum to students.

Our Trainers

301: School Implementation Clinic is designed by Mindful Schools based on our work implementing mindfulness programs at five San Francisco Bay Area Schools, in addition to the collective wisdom and expertise of our diverse contributing faculty. The course is taught by Kory O’Rourke, a career classroom educator and Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and overseen by Megan Sweet, Mindful Schools’ Director of Training. This team has more than 50 years of combined of mindfulness practice and K-12 teaching experience.

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