Our Story

It all starts with a moment of awareness. 

A teacher returns to the sensation of her breath before making a response. A student puts away his phone to study for an upcoming test. These moments of self-awareness are the hallmarks of a state of well-being that is more focused, resilient, and intentional. 

Across the world, classroom teachers, school leaders, education professionals, and parents are coming forward to be the champions for greater well-being in schools. 

Today, mindful educators are creating learning environments infused with greater awareness, empathy, kindness, and compassion.

Mindful Schools is fortunate to be standing at the forefront of this movement, with the role of supporting and empowering a global community of passionate educators determined to give a generation of students the gift of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is laying the foundation for change in our schools. 

It is led by mindful educators who are connecting with each other to deepen their practice, take care of themselves with compassion, and teach their students in a profoundly different way—more awake, alive, and present. As they begin to share their practice with others, the school climate gradually starts to change. One breath at a time, with every act of kindness, the conditions for building a more mindful school are taking shape.

We believe that this is the most important, foundational, and essential change we can make to build an awake and thriving future. 

Help us increase our impact today.

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