Nurturing change
from the inside out.

Our Core Values

At Mindful Schools, we believe the best way to create change in the world is to instill a mindful, heart-centered relationship with ourselves and our community. Our team creates opportunities to practice our values in our work with each other and in our programs with integrity and intention. This work is ongoing, and we acknowledge that there is always room to grow.

We are Curious

We ask authentic questions, notice and investigate judgment, seek to understand, and take on a learner’s mindset.

We Grow Love

We recognize the power of love as a radical tool for personal and community change. It is a catalyst for our collective growth.

We Build Connections

We work together, nurture relationships, and empower the collective.

We Practice Kindness

We are honest with ourselves and others. We are clear and compassionate in our communication. We notice where there is suffering and respond with care.

We Act Bravely

We do what’s right and just, even when it’s hard. We cultivate environments where courage can thrive.

We Find Joy

Even when things are hard and heavy, we look for moments of wonder, celebration, and gratitude.

We Live Liberation

We actively practice anti-racism and encourage others to, as well. We hold ourselves accountable in our commitment to an equitable world.

Help bring mindfulness into schools.

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