What Teens Are Actually Thankful For

A first-grade teacher, a best friend, a parent — grab a tissue and watch high schoolers read their Gratitude Letters to the people they’re thankful for. Try this gratitude exercise with your students.

Together, We’re Creating Mindful Schools

Mindful Schools collaborates with the community to create schools that encourage greater awareness, the ability to focus attention, and action based on empathy, kindness and compassion. Together, we are preparing a new generation of students to lead an awake and thriving world!

Let’s Create Mindful Schools

“When I do mindfulness, I feel calm and I have confidence.” – 4th Grader. Together, let's create Mindful Schools to build empathy, resilience, and confidence in kids, and impact whole school communities! Listen to what students have to say about mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is good for your body”

In the eyes of a 2nd grader, learn why mindfulness is good for your body. Ahmed's school is one of five San Francisco Bay Area schools we're working with to pilot the integration of mindfulness practices into daily school activities. Learn how you can support our work!

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