Mindful Schools 2023 Impact Report

For 15 years, Mindful Schools has been a leader in bringing secular mindfulness to students and educators - first as a direct service provider, then through online trainings and an intensive certification, and now by adding K12 services to build capacity and transform systems, from the inside out. We're delighted to share our first Impact Report celebrating all we've accomplished over the last year.

Let’s Create Mindful and Resilient Schools

“When I do mindfulness, I feel calm and I have confidence.” – 4th Grader. Together, let's create Mindful Schools to build empathy, resilience, and confidence in kids, and impact whole school communities! Listen to what students have to say about mindfulness.

5 Simple Mindful Movements for Your Classroom

Watch and learn mindful movements and games for your classroom. (Adults love them too.) After a long day of sitting still in classes, help students get back in their bodies and ready to learn––and have a little fun.

How to Eat More Mindfully

“I usually eat an orange by just shoving it in my mouth because they’re so delicious!” Today, let these elementary students guide you through eating mindfully – try engaging all your senses and paying full attention.

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