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Our Programs for Districts and Schools include:

Mindful Schools has designed an approach that is both revolutionary and simple. Our team of educators knows that you are doing meaningful, heartfelt work. That’s why we empower you—the school’s culture keepers—to build upon your individual and collective strengths to achieve your community’s vision of equity and wellness. Our partnerships build your capacity to create inclusive and engaging mindful schools.

Explore our programs:

“Mindful Schools is our go-to organization when it comes to training and resources–– what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We were searching for that, literally for years.”

Robert Caplinger
Elementary School Principal, Laveen, AZ

Watch Impact Stories From Two Mindful Schools Partners

Our programs are built on decades of research and 15 years of experience supporting more than 70,000 individual educators and 500 schools and districts.

We offer educator well-being, classroom mindfulness, and implementation packages that meet you where you are, and help you build solutions that work for your community. Here are two examples of our programs in action:

The Mindful Schools Approach: From Personal to Systemic Change

We know that educators are not only responsible for teaching students – they also create and foster communities of belonging and inclusion. But teachers and school staff are experiencing stress, anxiety, and burnout at record levels. It’s hard to give when your cup is empty. That’s why we start by supporting the adults in your school community.

We focus on educator well-being first and foremost, and build from that foundation to bring mindfulness to the entire school or district.

Partnering to Create Thriving Schools

Our team has decades of experience as teachers, counselors, and administrators in schools across the country. We understand the complexities of our educational system, and know that you’re already balancing many demands. That’s why we focus on building partnerships that complement, not compete with, existing investments.

You’re already investing in the well-being of your school.

With Mindful Schools, mindfulness isn’t just one more thing. It’s the one thing that makes everything else more effective.

Getting Started and Best Practices

Are you getting excited about creating a mindful school? We’re eager to talk with you! In the meantime, we recommend you consider these best practices to build for program impact and sustainability.

Engage Early Adopters

Get leadership buy-in and start with those who are most excited to learn about mindfulness to build a strong foundation for organic growth.

Learn in Cohorts

Train together for a shared learning experience. Build a common vocabulary, engage in meaningful discussion, and integrate consistent practices into your school.

Create an Opt-In Culture

Motivate and invite your staff, teachers, and administrators to opt-in to participate, rather than a roll-out or mandatory training.

Be Mindful of Time

Educators are busy! Create time for learning and consider incentives to honor and celebrate your staff’s commitment.

Explore a Workshop or 101

Just getting started? Learn immediate skills and get an introduction to the Mindful Schools approach in a workshop or 101: Mindfulness Foundations.

Meet Our School Partners

We work with hundreds of schools and districts across the United States, custom tailoring programs that work for each leader and community. Here are some of our larger partnerships:

What Our Partners Say

“As someone that’s in charge of the social-emotional learning, climate, and culture, this program has paid dividends.”

– Graciella Romero
High School Assistant Principal, Passaic, NJ

“Mindfulness has been a very powerful experience for my staff. My work with Mindful Schools helped me reach a better understanding of how mindfulness could be taught to children and profoundly affect the culture of a whole school. Students who practice mindfulness are more aware of how to regulate their own thoughts and behaviors and have empathy for others.”

– Kit Flynn
Middle School Principal, Ann Arbor, M

“This is EXACTLY what we needed. I would describe this as the greatest gift principals could provide for their faculty and staff.”

– Maurice Harper
High School Principal, San Francisco, CA

“When I first started the Mindful Schools program, it really helped and resonated for me. I thought, I can’t hold this for my self I have to share it with everybody.”

– Fontashia Jackson
Educator, Raleigh, NC

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