Our vision is for all children to learn in “mindful schools” that nurture a new generation of leaders to create a more equitable and thriving world.

Our mission is to empower educators to spark change from the inside out by cultivating awareness, resilience, and compassionate action.

Our Story

Mindful Schools was founded on the belief that the benefits of mindfulness should be accessible for all communities––especially those who have been impacted by inequity.

Our program began in 2007, when educators at an independent school in Oakland, California, noticed many of their students were “living with a lot of turmoil.” A small and passionate team gathered their experience in mindfulness, education, and social-emotional learning to develop a response with one requirement—the program must also support students at a neighboring public school.

With the green light and a local school partnership in place, planning for classroom implementation began. The founders knew that the format needed to be short, interactive, and woven into the school day. With these principles in mind—compassion for others, respect for school contexts, and a commitment to equity—a Mindful Schools curriculum was born. Within three years, the program expanded to fifty schools and was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Over time, Mindful Schools’ offerings evolved to better meet the needs of school communities. In 2012, in order to create a sustainable impact in schools, we shifted programming to focus on training educators in mindfulness. In 2013, to scale our reach, we began to offer our courses online. In parallel we launched the intensive, year-long program to develop Mindful Teachers.

With a network of more than 60,000 educators working to implement mindfulness, and an unwavering commitment to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work, we are uniquely poised to cultivate joyful and just learning communities, no matter what the future holds.

Educators and Students Share their Stories

“Training with Mindful Schools changed my life, no doubt about it.”

– Christine de Guzman, Elementary School Educator

“Mindfulness is the only reason I ever went to school.”

– Dylan, High School Student

Both educators featured in the videos above are graduates of Mindful Schools’ online training and the Mindful Teacher Program.

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