About Us

Founded in California’s innovative Bay Area in 2007, Mindful Schools is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has grown to be the largest globally connected community of mindful education professionals. Since 2007, we’ve trained more than 50,000 teachers, school leaders, and professionals who are dedicated to revolutionizing today’s learning environments by investing in their own self-care and the well-being of their school communities. 

The average teacher will serve 3,000 students during the course of their career. If you consider that Mindful Schools has trained more than 50,000 educators, our potential impact is impressive–150 million students!

Our Vision

Our vision is for all children to learn in schools that encourage greater awareness, focused attention, and compassionate action.

These healthy and sustainable “mindful schools” will prepare a new generation of students to lead an awake and thriving world.

Our Mission

We train, guide, and connect educators on a journey to deepen their mindfulness practice and cultivate mindful learning environments that allow everyone in the school community to thrive.

Our Impact

Benefits for Educators


Report lower stress and greater self-compassion


Connect better with students


Deliver curriculum with more ease


Are more satisfied with their jobs

Benefits for Students


Improve emotional regulation


Improve focus


Demonstrate greater compassion


Improve engagement

Stories from Educators and Students

“Training with Mindful Schools changed my life, no doubt about it.”

– Christine de Guzman, Elementary School Educator

Learn more about the Mindful Schools’ Certification Program that changed the lives of two school teachers.

“There have been a lot of days where I wouldn’t have been able to go to school, or wouldn’t have had the motivation to, and because of doing mindfulness, it’s the only reason I ever went.”

– Dylan, High School Student

Dylan’s teacher, Ms. O, is a graduate of the Mindful Schools online trainings and Certification Program. Watch how mindfulness impacted Dylan’s life.

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