An Attitude of Gratitude

Happiness research continues to indicate that gratitude is one of the key ingredients to human happiness and well-being. Try this 12-min gratitude practice.

Breaking Free from Anxiety Overload

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental illness in the U.S. Learn the difference between anxiety and stress and 3 strategies for practicing mindfulness when you’re experiencing anxiety.

Educators: You Have Permission to Take Care of Yourself, Right Now

Educating our youth is a calling that draws some of the most hard-working and dedicated people. Teachers are also prone to burnout–in fact, last year, public school teachers quit their jobs at the highest rate on record. Educators, it’s time to start showing yourself care and compassion, right now.

Self-Kindness: The Key Ingredient to Wholehearted Living

While we celebrate Valentine's Day, extending kindness to *ourselves* is a basic and powerful expression of mindfulness that can support our well-being. Listen to this 15 minute talk and guided practice.

Back to the Basics of Mindfulness

When we find the time to sit quietly, our attention is often scattered–and that's ok. This guided mindfulness practice brings us Back to the Basics, so we can refresh our practice in the New Year with openness and non-judgement.

Generosity vs. Giving. What Does It Mean to Be Generous?

Is the act of giving the same as practicing generosity? And do they make the same impact on our inner-lives? Explore the science and different ways we can define and cultivate generosity–in our own lives and with youth.