Cultivating Joy to Recharge

Cultivating joy isn't a “how to be happier” exercise. It's about noticing the subtle joys, mini joys, and many joys that we already experience in our everyday lives. Listen to the guided practice.

Powerful Words of Encouragement: You Are Enough

Words of encouragement are powerful for students––and educators, too. Try a “give and take what you need” wall to offer positive quotes, affirmations, and encouragement. And for educators ...

Social Emotional Learning and Why It Matters for Educators

As educators, we don’t (and shouldn’t) leave our emotions at the door when we’re working with young people. Attending to our own social and emotional needs is important, especially if we’re tasked with teaching social emotional learning to our students.

The Urgency of *Right Now*

There are so many other things that we could be doing right now. Maybe notice, as you sit down to read this, if there are other things that you feel like you should be doing. Listen to this guided practice on: working with urgency.

3 Mindful Ways to Start a Meeting

Learn three mindful ways to start a meeting and listen to a personal story about the simple, yet powerful ways that meetings can impact both self-care and community care.

3 Simple Ways to Refocus Attention in Your Classroom

Distractions are constant. Luckily, paying attention is a natural capacity that all of us have––we just exercise it differently. Discover three strategies to practice focusing with mindfulness anchors.

We Need Two Wings to Fly

Regardless of who wins, Democrats and Republicans must find a way to work together again for the common good. We have a lot of work to do. We can start by taking action with empathy and kindness.

How to Mindfully Manage Election Stress

Two-thirds of Americans consider the presidential election a “significant source of stress in their life.” Try these strategies to help you mindfully manage election stress.

Mindfulness in an Emergency

In an emergency state – when the streets are burning, pandemic is spreading, and ecology is crumbling, what do we do with our mindfulness practice? Try the Three R's of Mindfulness to rise to the moment: regulation, resilience, and realization.

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