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Aiko Michot

High School Biology and Environmental Science Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor and Mentor

Millbrae CA USA

Home Phone: 415-279-0506

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Aiko Michot’s background in neuro and cognitive science allows for the integration of a unique Mindfulness Program, where the practices are taught alongside with the Biology content in her high school science classroom. Students learn about the nervous system’s influence on attention and emotional regulation, the brain’s evolutionary conditioning towards reaction versus response, and how to use neuroplasticity to break free from habits and move towards having more choice. Self-exploration is encouraged in a safe setting where students have the space to conduct their own investigation about the physical, emotional and mental processes that make up their experience.

Ms. Michot has also worked with adults in introducing the foundations of Mindfulness in Faculty and Parent Meetings, as well as offering presentations to the San Mateo County Office. She enjoys one on one coaching, guiding beginners on their Mindfulness journey.

Aiko has had a committed daily meditation practice for the last 4 years, working closely with a Senior Mindful Schools Teacher to deepen her personal practice. Her passion has led her to take numerous courses exploring the Judgmental Mind, Self-Compassion, Difficult Emotions, Emotional Balance, Embodiment, and Mindful Communication; as well as attending over 40 days of various retreats to have extended time for practice. She is currently in her second year of teaching Mindfulness at Mills High School and serves as a Mindful Schools Mentor for the Year Long Teacher Certification Program.