Photo of Flurina Niggli

Flurina Niggli

Mindfulness Teacher / Naturopath

Redway CA USA

Home Phone: 707-223-2005 Website:

About My Work


  • Outside Provider


  • PreK
  • K5
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
  • Other


  • After School
  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One
  • Other


I specialize in supporting teachers to build their own mindfulness practice and find ways for stress reduction and well being.


All through my educational pilgrimage as a Naturopath and Bodyworker, meditation has been my “backbone.” I have practiced mindfulness for the past 25 years and I have been a meditation instructor for 10 years, leading groups and retreats for adults. Since I discovered Mindful Schools I am passionate about bringing mindfulness to a variety of youth in and outside of the school system.

I am the director of a growing network of outside-providers in our school district, the “Mindful Youth Project.”
Next to teaching children I am also interested in expanding mindfulness-trainings for teachers and parents.