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Janine Bloomfield

Mercer Island WA USA


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Janine Bloomfield has been practicing mindfulness and awareness meditation for more than 15 years. She has found it to be of great benefit for stress and anxiety reduction as well as generally improving her own quality of life.  She became interested in teaching mindfulness to kids because she wanted to pass on this valuable life skill to her own three children.  Starting with her son’s third grade classroom, she began a mindfulness education program at her local public elementary in Mercer Island, Washington, teaching in classrooms from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  The program grew to include nearly every classroom in the school of more than 700 students over a period of three years. Janine would love to see other schools develop a mindfulness education program and can advise schools on how to get started based on her experience.  Janine also teaches meditation to adults in the greater Seattle community.

Janine is a graduate of Reed College and has an MS from Stanford University and a PhD from Yale University.  Currently Janine is a co-founder at Coherent Knowledge Systems, a software/services start-up using artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic technology to provide deep reasoning for knowledge management with applications in regulatory compliance, e-commerce, and education technology.  Her roles at Coherent include Director of Marketing and Operations, and Knowledge Engineer.

Previously, Janine has worked in research science and science policy in fields ranging from molecular biology to Rain Forest ecology to Climate Change policy. She was a Senior Scientist at Environmental Defense Fund in New York and Boston where she worked to make climate change science understandable, relevant, and important to the general public. To that end, she has created and helped build climate change curriculum, educational materials, web sites and museum exhibitions. She has also advised legislators and lobbyists on the science of climate change for various state, regional and national initiatives to help slow or mitigate human contributions to climate change. She has taught a variety of college and graduate student classes as well as the general public.