Photo of Margo Benedetto

Margo Benedetto

Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor

Olympia WA USA

Home Phone: 360-943-9524

About My Work


  • Classroom Teacher


  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
  • Higher Ed
  • Other


  • After School
  • Agency / Mental Health
  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One


Margo Benedetto has been a public educator for over 25 years, teaching secondary English, Theater Arts and Spanish. She began sharing mindfulness with her high school students in 2015 and now offers a year-long, elective-credit mindfulness-based social and emotional learning class called “Strength and Conditioning for the Mind.” She also designs and teaches professional development sessions on mindfulness for educators and youth leaders.

In her work with adolescents and adults, Margo focuses on helping others use mindfulness to deepen their self-awareness and increase their effectiveness in their academic, professional and personal lives. She draws from her 20 years’ experience as drama director to enhance her lessons with dynamic group interactions involving theater games, role-plays and improv, and supports her students in using mindfulness to strengthen their communication skills and build the compassionate relationships that are essential to wellbeing. She also enjoys incorporating a variety of behavioral strategies with mindfulness to help students and teachers develop positive habits for stress management and emotional health.

Margo has worked with diverse student populations, including ELL, special education, at-risk, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and adult continuing education. She holds an M.A. in Teaching Humanities from The Colorado College and is a licensed teacher in the state of Washington.