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Shari Robinson

Educational Consultant


Home Phone: 914-980-1697

About My Work


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  • K5
  • 6th-8th


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As an outside provider, I specialize in teaching K-8 students and teachers mindfulness practices that help to reduce stress while fostering emotional regulation, focus, and sustained attention. As a regional staff developer, I introduce educators to the science behind mindfulness and share a wide range of resources and programs for further exploration. I also teach educational applications of Carol Dweck’s research, with an emphasis on the central role of mindfulness in fostering “growth mindsets.”


Dr. Shari Robinson brings a wealth of experience from her career in public education, research and development, and comprehensive school reform. She has taught students with a range of gifts and needs in grades 3-6. She also served as a literacy coach and curriculum developer for teachers in grades 4-8. After retiring, Shari began working as an independent consultant presenting regional and on-site ELA and SEL workshops for educators from districts serving a wide variety of student populations.

While Shari began to meditate in college, her practice has evolved and strengthened over the years. As a classroom teacher, she sought to introduce mindfulness to her students, but was not sure how she might do this in a secular setting. Enter Mindful Schools, which she discovered at a summer program on mindfulness in education at Omega Institute. She introduced mindfulness practices to her fourth graders during Morning Meeting and collaborated with students to weave mindfulness practices throughout the day. As part of her year-long training, she taught the Mindful Schools curriculum to students in first, second, fourth, and fifth grades. She is grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the next and most meaningful chapter of her career, bringing mindfulness to students and teachers.