Photo of Sharon Vitella

Sharon Vitella

Assistant Superintendent

Mt. Laurel NJ USA

Home Phone: 267-658-0145

About My Work


  • School Administrator


  • K5
  • 6th-8th


  • Education / Classroom Program


Sharon Vitella, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Mt. Laurel School District, Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA
Sharon has been a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent in public schools for the past 25 years. Her own personal practice with mindfulness began about 5 years ago. As an educator she sees an urgent need for students to understand that they can cultivate more control over their thoughts and emotions than they thought possible. She has seen first hand the powerful impact of mindfulness practice on students in her district who report a greater sense of well being in their lives as a result of mindfulness practice. What greater gift can we give our students?