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Mindful Schools has trained educators from all 50 states and 60+ countries, impacting more than 300,000 children and adolescents.

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Featured Mindful Educators

Allison Cohen, HS Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Allison Cohen, HS Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Allison is a classroom teacher who took her mindfulness training beyond her own classroom to teach all 9th and 10th grade classes.
McLean School

McLean School

After 42 teachers took Mindful Educator Essentials, McLean became a pioneer in school-wide implementation.
Chris Funk, HS Superintendent, San Jose, California

Chris Funk, HS Superintendent, San Jose, California

Chris is a Superintendent for East Side Union High School. He worked with Mindful Schools to integrate mindfulness in his district. More than 75 educators participated in the basic Mindfulness Fundamentals course to be more healthy and reduce anxiety and stress.

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Watch the Documentary:<br><em>Room to Breathe</em>

Watch the Documentary:
Room to Breathe

From <em>The Atlantic</em>:<br><em>When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom</em>

From The Atlantic:
When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom

Watch the Film Short:<br><em>Just Breathe</em>

Watch the Film Short:
Just Breathe

The Metrics of Mindfulness:<br><em>Review Our Research Findings</em>

The Metrics of Mindfulness:
Review Our Research Findings

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