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The Role of Stillness in Mindfulness Below is a Q&A with one of our Curriculum Graduates about stillness. Hi Megan- I know in the first lesson, stillness is taught to be a trait of a mindful body. In one of my most recent classes of teaching mindfulness, we really focused on the aspect of stillness […]

Mindfulness is More Than Just Breathing

It’s easy to mistake mindfulness for breathing; often we attempt to remain focused on the breath for extended periods; instructors are continually redirecting us to our breath; in short instructions it is suggested to simply stay with your breathing; breathing often makes us feel calm. At first glance we might say, “mindfulness is about breathing.” […]

Teaching Mindfulness Indirectly and Directly

Here’s a question we’ve heard several times: The principal at my school would like me to let the other faculty members know about what I learned at the Mindfulness conference. I remember one of the speakers saying teachers really shouldn’t be leading students in mindfulness unless they have a mindfulness practice of their own. Should […]

Welcome to the Mindful Schools Blog!

Dear Mindful Schools friends, Over the past three and a half years, our team has had the opportunity to teach more than 8,500 students and more than 1200 educators, parents and other professionals. From this work, we have developed an extensive knowledge and broad perspective of mindfulness in education. For a long time we have […]