Mindful Educator Essentials

Bring mindfulness to youth to build attention, self-regulation, and empathy.

About this course

Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your work with youth using our research-backed K-12 Mindful Schools Curriculum. Our curriculum – used by thousands of educators, mental health professionals, social workers, and parents in 50 states and over 100 countries – is adaptable for classrooms, after-school programs, clinical settings, and home. It uses developmentally appropriate language for explaining key mindfulness concepts and practices to youth. See a sample module.

Course graduates report strong improvements in job satisfaction, connecting with youth, delivering school curriculum, and student behavior (attention, self-regulation, engagement, compassion).

Recommended by 98% of participants, this course includes:

Training Kit

  • K-5 Curriculum (30 modules for ages 5-12)
  • Middle & High School Curriculum (25 modules for ages 12-17)
  • Student workbooks
  • Manual on facilitation & classroom management
  • Summaries of neuroscience concepts
  • Program evaluation tools


  • Accurately presenting the research on mindfulness and youth
  • The basic neuroscience of attention and emotion

Connecting with Youth

  • Working with youth at different developmental stages
  • Group facilitation and classroom management skills

Stakeholder Presentations

  • Presenting to administrators, school, and agency staff

Graduate Support

  • Join our vibrant, supportive private community of graduates
  • Unlimited future access to course content


Teaching mindfulness techniques to youth is exponentially more effective when it stems from a base of personal practice. For this reason, participants must establish a personal mindfulness practice prior to this training by completing our Mindfulness Fundamentals course or any one of the approved trainings listed here.


Upon completing this course:

  • Educators can receive up to 3 graduate level credits Details
  • Eligible Mental Health Professionals can receive 12 CEUs Details


The course is taught by Megan Cowan, Chris McKenna, and Vinny Ferraro. This team has over 40 years of combined mindfulness practice and over 30 years of teaching mindfulness and/or emotional intelligence to children and adolescents, as well as experience training many thousands of adults. Their work is featured in documentary films Healthy Habits of Mind and Room to Breathe, and MTV’s “If You Really Knew Me”.

Megan Cowan

Chris McKenna

Vinny Ferraro

In addition to the Program Team, each Mindful Educator Essentials course has a Guiding Teacher. The Guiding Teacher directs the learning process by synthesizing emerging themes, answering questions, and providing ongoing participant feedback. All of our Guiding Teachers have over a decade of mindfulness practice and broad teaching experience with different youth populations. Your Guiding Teacher is available to answer questions throughout the course.

Argos Gonzalez

Peter Montiminy

Sarah M. Waxman