Year-Long Certification

Deepen your personal practice. Transform your work with youth.


The Year-Long Certification program is designed for educators interested in deepening their personal practice and playing an active role as a Mindful Leader in their school community and in the broader Mindfulness in Education movement.

Important Program Update:

After the current 2016-2017 program concludes, we have decided to postpone delivering this program for the time being. This decision comes from a desire to better serve the large group of current Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindful Educator Essentials graduates, and to dedicate time to the growing number of events driven by our Community.

Our guiding ethos is to do our work with integrity and attention. It was not an easy decision to come to, but we feel we can better support your practice and teaching by focusing our efforts in this way.

We’re truly sorry for those who are disappointed by this decision. We remain dedicated to serving our community and look forward to bringing you new resources to support the work you do with youth.

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Additional Advanced Training Courses

If you are looking to continue your training in interpersonal mindfulness and emotions, we encourage you to learn more about our advanced offerings:

Mindful Communication Course

Interpersonal communication – with staff, parents and students – is one of the most challenging areas for many educators. The more we understand and transform our own communication patterns, the more care, clarity and flexibility we are able to bring to our relationships. Learn more here.

Course Format: 8 Weeks Online, 2-4 hours per week
Course Highlights:

  • Learn to reduce stress associated with interpersonal differences and conflict.
  • Find creative and effective tools to handle student behavior issues.
  • Develop skills to create more trust, and collaboration with students, parents, faculty, and administrators.

Difficult Emotions Course

As educators, working with our own and our students emotional states is one of our main jobs. It is also something that almost none of us received formal training in, either in grad school or in subsequent professional development. Learn more here.

Course Format: 6 Weeks Online, 2-4 hours per week
Course Highlights:

  • Learn to reframe and interpret emotion in empowering ways.
  • Focus on three challenging emotional states: anxiety, anger, self-criticism and shame.