Year-Long Certification

Deepen your personal practice.
Transform your work with youth.

About this program

The Year-Long Certification program is for dedicated practitioners in the field of mental health and education who are looking to receive an in-depth curricula-based training in becoming a skillful mindfulness teacher for young people.


  • Deepen your personal practice
  • Receive coaching on teaching mindfulness to a variety of different youth populations (e.g. high-risk adolescents, children with special needs, etc.)
  • Progressively improve your teaching and facilitation skills
  • Receive the tools for starting your own mindfulness program in a variety of settings
  • Become a competent presenter on mindfulness in your school or agency, well versed in the history, science, and benefits of mindfulness.
  • Successfully complete a teaching practicum and receive a public profile on the Mindful Schools website
  • Join a community of like-minded practitioners for reciprocal learning and curriculum building
  • Continued support after graduating

Some examples of implementation as a result of this program:

  • More skillfully embed mindfulness into public/private/charter/special needs classroom teaching
  • Use mindfulness-based techniques during therapeutic work with individuals or small groups
  • Integrate mindfulness in intervention/resiliency/probationary work
  • Become an independent mindfulness educator developing specialized programs for various communities


Participants can choose to complete the practicum portion of this program, which includes an evaluation by your trainers. Certified Graduates receive a public profile on the Mindful Schools website. This Certified Instructor Directory meets the growing demand of institutions searching for highly-trained mindfulness educators to provide mindfulness programming to youth.

Course Content:

Engage in 4 core subject areas over the year:


Course Structure:

  • Two week-long summer retreats that bookend the year
  • 10 months of online learning through weekly teaching videos, written content, assignments and forum engagement [see example]
  • Weekly group coaching sessions with faculty
  • Monthly small group cohort meetings
  • Guest speaker webinars on specialized topics


An established mindfulness practice and completion of our Mindfulness Fundamentals and Curriculum Training courses are prerequisites for this course.


CEUs are available for educators through the University of Pacific. Please contact us for more information.


This is a high-touch, in-depth program facilitated by the Mindful Schools program team. The primary instructors for this training are Vinny Ferraro, Chris McKenna, Megan Cowan, and Pam Dunn. These instructors have over 55 years of combined mindfulness practice and over 30 years of teaching mindfulness and/or emotional intelligence to youth, as well as experience training many thousands of adults. Their work is featured in 5 documentary films (including Room to Breathe & Healthy Habits of Mind) and has received substantial media coverage.

Guest Presenters

In addition to the core faculty, the program also features a number of guest presenters on specialized topics including neurobiology, child development, communication skills and other topics. Presenters include:

Rick Hanson
Neuropsychologist & Author of “Hardwiring Happiness”
Eve Ekman
Fellow, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Dacher Keltner
Founder, Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley
Willoughby Britton
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University Medical School

Program Logistics


Retreat Locations

Participants must commit to attend two week-long retreats either on the West Coast or the East Coast. The cost of the retreats are separate from the program’s tuition fee, and are at-cost of the venue’s charge.

Participants are responsible for the cost of their own travel accommodations.

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Meet Graduates

ArgosHeadshot-200x300Argos Gonzalez

Pelham, NY
English teacher
Adjunct lecturer at Hunter College

"Being part of the Mindful Schools Year-Long Certification prepared me to jump right in and teach mindfulness!  Megan, Chris, Vinny, and Pam supported me with their knowledge and loving attention and helped deepen my mindfulness practice and my connection to mindful educators across the world."

SivieSivie Suckerman

Seattle, WA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
Child Mental Health Specialist

"Participating in the YL with Mindful Schools was an incredible experience. Not only did I meet the most incredible people from all across the country, but also gained a deeper connection to what's not in the curriculum but inherent in the practice. The YL training was invaluable!"

peterPeter Montminy

State College, PA
Clinical Psychologist,
Educational Consultant and Professional Speaker/Trainer

"This feels like the perfect next step for me - intensive in-depth training and mentorship with the top-notch people in the field - to help me advance my lifelong commitment to improving the lives of troubled kids."

cove-school-springRenee Metty

Seattle, WA
M.Ed (ECE), M.Ed (SPED)
The Cove School

"What I love is noticing that my challenges are still here, but my approach and how I handle things is WAY different than 2 years ago and even last year.  It has been awesome!  Nothing around me has changed yet my whole world has. I typically like to avoid conflict and hope it goes away, but I have actually been tackling challenges head on and the results are amazing. My connections and relationships are richer and I hope I can sustain it.  Just such a lovely journey and frankly I always thought life was great, but amazed how much greater it is now." 

Read more about Renee’s work:

Slowing down to power up: teacher says mindfulness works (Seattle Times)

More Questions?

c-costeloEmail Christina, our Year-Long Certification Program Manager or call (510) 858-5350.

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