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Over 50,000 educators have started their mindfulness journey in a Mindful Schools workshop or 101 course!
Explore Mindful Schools’ upcoming events, workshops, and trainings to expand your mindfulness practice and teaching. We offer programming for all levels of experience.

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101 and 201 CORE TRAINING

101 Course

Learn About 101

  • Registration Deadline: Apr 30Enroll
  • Registration Deadline: Jun 11Enroll
  • Registration Deadline: Apr 2Enroll

201 Course

Learn About 201

  • Registration Deadline: Apr 23Enroll
  • Registration Deadline: May 21Enroll


Mindful Communication

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Self-Compassion for Educators

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Mindful Games

Wed, Apr 24

Virtual Workshop:
1PM–2:30PM PT | 4PM–5:30PM ET

Join us for this dynamic 90-minute training to experience mindfulness through play to evoke curiosity, spark creativity, foster engagement, and support learning. Learn more.


Spring Retreat

Learn About Retreat

Sat, Apr 20, 2024

Virtual Mindfulness Retreat
8AM-1PM PT / 11AM-4PM ET

201 Live Intensive

Learn About 201 Live Intensive

July 2024

Join this powerful, 2-week live experience of our 201: Mindfulness in the Classroom course over the summer when you have more dedicated time to dive into the richness of the course content.

Train Your Team

Why Mindful Educators?

Why is Mindful Schools so critically focused on the development of mindful educators?

Because teaching is incredibly challenging work.

Educators need more support. Education is a calling that draws some of the most hard-working and dedicated people on the planet. It’s challenging work and the stakes are high; and overwhelmed and under-resourced educators are prone to burnout. Words like “self-care,” “sustainability,” and “wellbeing” may seem at odds with the goals of a modern, performance-oriented educational system. We think differently.

Mindful educators feel more calm, effective, creative, and confident; they’re less likely to burn out and we’re less likely to miss out on their talents. Mindfulness is a practice that supports educators with skills to improve focus and better manage stress. Mindfulness also offers self-care strategies, so educators feel more nourished and energized to support students in the classroom.

Because apps can’t model the power of presence.

Mindful Schools resources include easy-to-use guided audios and lessons; but we know that children absorb and learn more through observation, mirroring, and modeling. Educators with a mindfulness practice bring a presence into the classroom and model the essential principles of mindfulness through their curious listening, caring words, and un-reactive actions. It’s not just what we teach, but how we teach it. 

Because curriculum alone doesn’t change culture.

Mindful Schools resources include research-backed, adaptable K-12 curriculum; but we know that mindfulness has its great benefits beyond the curriculum. The mindful educator can skillfully integrate mindfulness into all aspects of learning activities – gradually and positively shifting culture in the classroom and school to cultivate new ways of thinking, learning, and being together that foster well-being for everyone in the school community.

Because we’re in this for the long game.

We’re committed to long-term, sustainable solutions. Educators are at the heart of our approach because they are the heart of school communities. The enduring health of our schools is dependent on the continuity of educators who create and nurture school relationships, traditions, and culture. These are educators who have the inner resources to support the daily challenges on campus, who are not going to burnout, and who share beneficial impact of their mindfulness practice with every individual they interact with: students, peer educators, parents, and others who are part of the wider community.

Testimonials from Educators and Students

“Training with Mindful Schools changed my life, no doubt about it.”

– Christine de Guzman, Elementary School Educator

Learn more about the Mindful Schools’ Certification Program that changed the lives of two school teachers.

“There have been a lot of days where I wouldn’t have been able to go to school, or wouldn’t have had the motivation to, and because of doing mindfulness, it’s the only reason I ever went.”

– Dylan, High School Student

Dylan’s teacher, Ms. O, is a graduate of the Mindful Schools online trainings and Certification Program. Watch how mindfulness impacted Dylan’s life.

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