Mindfulness Exercises

This page has a selection of guided mindfulness meditations to introduce you to mindfulness practice and support your existing practice.

Free Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness of the Breath
Mindfulness of WalkingAwareness of the breath is one of the foundational exercises for learning mindfulness meditation. It’s a popular starting point because the breath is something you can always access, and the act of breathing also serves to regulate your physiological state. It serves as a valuable anchor for other mindfulness practices.
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Body Scan
Body ScanThe body scan is a simple, structured way of checking in with the different parts of your body. Often, you will find areas where you have been holding stress, which can help to release that stress. The body scan can be very useful as a grounding mechanism when facing strong emotions, or if you’ve having trouble keeping your attention on the breath.
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Mindfulness of Walking
WalkingWalking mindfully cultivates awareness of your body while it is in motion. Mindful walking can help to increase your energy level if you are tired or restless, and it can also add variety if you are doing longer periods of seated practice. It’s also useful because directing attention to walking, and even standing, is something you can do throughout the day.
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You can download these three mindfulness meditation exercises in MP3 format so you can listen to them offline on your computer, laptop, iPod, or other mobile device.
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