Healthy Habits of Mind: A Free Mindfulness Documentary

Healthy Habits of Mind Film
This free film describes why mindfulness belongs in education, covering neuroscience, educator training, and showing mindfulness implemented in the classroom.

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Film Summary

Mette Bahnsen, a filmmaker in Denmark, has made a beautifully produced film about integrating mindfulness into education called “Healthy Habits of Mind”, which features:

  • NEUROSCIENCE: leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson explains the science behind mindfulness and how it can increase happiness and well-being in youth.

  • IN-CLASS INSTRUCTION: see kindergarten teacher Renee Harris (a Mindful Schools Curriculum Training graduate) teaching mindful breathing, listening, eating, movement, and heartfulness in her Berkeley, California public school classroom.

  • TRAINING FOR EDUCATORS: the film peeks into a Mindful Schools Curriculum Training course taught by Program Directors Megan Cowan and Chris McKenna. Click here to learn more about our courses for learning mindfulness, teaching youth, and becoming certified.

  • THE VALUE OF MINDFULNESS IN EDUCATION: interviews with Megan Cowan, Renee Harris, and Dr. Richard Davidson explain why mindfulness belongs in schools.

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Highlights (by time):

03:45 Dr. Richie Davidson – Brain Science
05:50 Mindful Listening
09:30 Mindful Eating
12:30 Mindful Movement
14:31 Interview with Kids
16:00 Yoga
19:06 Dr. Richie Davidson – Brain Science
21:50 Mindful Schools Training (Megan Cowan & Chris McKenna)
25:30 Mindful Schools Training
28:55 Awareness Practice
35:29 Heartfulness

About the Filmmaker of Healthy Habits of Mind

mette-bahnsen-2Mette Bahnsen graduated with an MA in film studies from Aarhus University and has produced educational documentaries since 2001 through her own production company, Persona Film. The vision of Persona Film is to disseminate research, best practices, and create debate while highlighting narrative and visual structures. Mette has produced films on a variety of subjects including mindfulness, language, schizophrenia, relational competence, and more. Her upcoming documentary is about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the Danish Healthcare System, featuring Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Learn more…

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Room to Breathe Documentary

If you found Healthy Habits of Mind interesting, you may also enjoy Room to Breathe, a documentary about how mindfulness transformed the lives of 7th grade children at a San Francisco middle school with the highest district suspensions.

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