Have Fun and Explore Mindful Movement with Freeze Dance

The end of the school year is a perfect time to celebrate, have fun, and practice mindfulness. One way to do this by playing this mindful version of freeze dance.


Step 1: Create your music playlist

Create a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs and choose easy to dance music to get your kids moving. You can also have a variety of music to play songs your kids are not familiar with. Make sure to listen to the whole song so you know it’s appropriate!  You can use a small speaker or computer to play the songs – just make sure it’s loud enough.

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Step 2: Introduce the activity:

Let students know you are going to be mindful of movement by playing freeze dance. Everyone will dance or move when the music starts and freeze when it stops. In between songs there will be prompts.

Let students know they have the option of walking or moving in a way that feels right for them. Remind students to be safe and be mindful of each other.

Step 3: Play the activity

A key part to making this a mindful activity is asking purposeful questions to help your students bring kind awareness to the experience. Being strategic about the music you play and for how long you play it is also important.

Below are instructions and sample prompts you might want to ask.

Before hitting play, check in with students. Ask what thoughts or feelings they’re having around participating. Explain that for some, this is a chance to show off some moves but for others, this activity is challenging. Explain part of the game is to notice what they feel.

  1. Start the music and get your kids moving!
  2. Stop the music and freeze.
  3. Ask them to reflect about their experience.
  4. No one is eliminated, as the intention is to bring kind awareness.

Sample prompts:

  • Ask students to reflect on the sensation of moving and being still.
  • Prompt your students to freeze or move their bodies in a way that reflects how the song feels to them.
  • Prompt students to freeze like the shape of a letter, an animal, or a superhero
  • Ask students to dance in certain ways—like a ballerina, a famous artist, or an animal.

Step 4: Debrief on the activity

Ask about how they felt at the beginning of the activity, and how they feel after it was completed. Get their thoughts on how they felt when they heard a song they were not familiar with or didn’t like.

Overall, encourage students to share what they liked about the activity and what they found difficult about the activity. Validate all their experiences!

Share with your community!

Lead your students through this Freeze Dance activity and ask them how they liked it. What success, challenges, and opportunities did your students share? Share with fellow teachers in your school or on social media with #mindfulschools.

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